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WordPress Tutorial- How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress- 3 Best MethodsHow to increase the upload_max_filesize. There are a few methods to increase the upload_max_filesize for your WordPress website. We will show you five methods that could get the job done. Again, if none of these methods work, please contact your hosting company. They should be able to help you upload the maximum upload file size.

How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress. Are you unable to upload large files to WordPress? We’ve got you covered! Here, we will uncover how to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress. By the end of the article, you will know.

01/10/2019  · SOLVED: UPLOADED FILE EXCEEDS THE UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE DIRECTIVE IN PHP.INI. There are several different ways to increase the max file size upload limit in WordPress. The traditional ways require editing code in the php.ini, .htaccess or wp-config files but there are also simpler methods – without having to write any code in the server files.

the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini When I tried to upload a theme zip file in live, the message stated above got displayed.